• Does the prospective vendor meet and exceed all of the requirements related to HIPPA? For example, do they have their employees sign confidentiality agreements, background checked at least 7 years previous, and drug tested.
  • Is the company an active member of the National Association of Information Destruction? If not, how do they keep up with all the current security concerns and knowledge of the industry? Also, are they a AAA Certified member?
  • Is the company properly insured?
  • Check the vendors’ insurance limits and compare those to what NAID requires.
  • Does the company have the capable equipment for your volume? Also, is the company properly staffed to handle your volume? How many employees does the company have available to service you?
  • Like many industries, the information destruction industry is under mass consolidation. Ask your prospective provider what their long term plans are. For example, the company you reach an agreement with may not be the same company you do business with months later.
  • If your cost structure is on a per pound basis, verify the volume (pounds) with each pick up. For example, less reputable companies will lower their initial bid price with anticipation of adding weight to the volume