Let Data Shredding Services Help With Your Purges & Clean Outs

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Published On: 2nd February 2024

Do you need to have a large workplace purged of its old, unused documents? Do you run a business with a large backlog of personal records that you need to have destroyed? Data Shredding Services has got you covered.

At Data Shredding Services, we provide professional records services for businesses and individual clients alike. While everyone knows that they can call on us to provide confidential paper shredding & disposal services, we also offer purges and cleanouts. These services let you enjoy our shredding company’s top-shelf pick-up and destruction services without having to schedule regular visits or online pickups.

Purges involve going through a workplace or an individual filing system and destroying any papers that are not required for continued use. These documents are then sent for secure offsite paper shredding, which ensures that all information contained in them is destroyed.

A cleanout, on the other hand, occurs in an apartment building, an office, or the home, where professional shredding equipment is used to safely and securely destroy any unwanted files. The documents with both these services are thoroughly shredded beyond recognition.

Our cleanouts and purges allow clients to focus on their businesses rather than spending time purging files themselves. Because we also provide a certificate of destruction, any work done with us helps reduce liability and ensure your company keeps up with HIPAA guidelines on secure file disposal.

Here are some reasons to choose Data Shredding Services:

Timely Services:

With our purges and cleanouts services, you can be sure of prompt arrival for your appointment call. We work when it suits you and will not be a disruption to your business operations.

Secure Destruction Practices:

Our purges and cleanouts are performed with security in mind, ensuring that the confidentiality of your records is maintained.

Certificate of Destruction:

We provide each client with a certificate of destruction for each purge and cleanout completed. This ensures the completion of each job and the safety of your information disposal activities.

Highly Trained Technicians:

We are proud to have highly trained employees on our team who understand the importance of your business’ privacy. They adhere to strict confidentiality standards as they offer our efficient services.

At Data Shredding Services, we provide your business with a wide range of document shredding services to fit your needs. From record and file shredding in specific destruction containers to our mobile on-site service, our friendly team is here to help tackle any shredding project. We specialize in ensuring the secure disposal of all your information.

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