Data Shredding Services of Texas can handle your Purges, & Clean Outs

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Published On: 1st November 2023

Data Shredding Services of Texas provides one-time “purges” of records. This can be done on a one-time, occasional, or annual basis. In many cases, a company may plan its annual purge in the 4th quarter as part of an end-of-year record retention management process.

Our Document Shredding Trucks

We come to your location in one of our high-security destruction trucks. Our document trucks are equipped with commercial-grade shredders. Our industrial shredders can shred documents into small sufficient pieces needed to meet government standards for secure shredding of records. Contact Data Shredding Services of Texas today to discuss how we can help you dispose of large volumes of documents efficiently and properly.

Purge Shredding Is Part of Compliance

For those industries that are subject to government privacy regulations, this is an important step in staying compliant. We have experience working with entities such as legal and health care professionals allowing those entities utilizing our service to efficiently manage job cost, and budget constraints, and in compliance with regulatory agencies (HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Customer Privacy Items, etc.)

Hard Drive Shredding

Data Shredding Services of Texas has a proprietary hard drive destruction system that is capable of complete compartmental destruction of hard drives.

Shredding Services in Texas

Often businesses will relocate, renovate, restructure, or change out staff/employees and some or all of these situations create an opportunity to “clean house” and properly dispose of no longer needed or valuable materials. We offer competitive rates and fast turnaround times.

On-Site Mobile Document Shredding

Our mobile shredding trucks are equipped with advanced shredding technology that can easily destroy any materials in seconds. Date Shredding Services of Texas is the only Certified company in the DFW area to provide secure on-site degaussing and shredding.

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